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We are a specialist company that delivers our flawless hair and make-up service for Brides, special occasions clients, photographic models and, customers performing television and other media appearances. Our team is composed of our 2 creative directors and founders, who possess a wealth of skills and knowledge, paired with a natural flair and instinct for their professions.We are supported by our wonderful team of senior stylists who many have a following of their own and won recognition in printed publications such as “Brides Magazine”, “Marie Claire”, and won numerous awards with bodies such as “The Wedding Industry Awards” and “The International Wedding Suppliers”.

Through hard work, determination and an uncompromising customer service, the Glamour Brides has established itself as the reliable and premium service that so many depend on every year to bring them the very best experience paired with the most genuine and caring service.

In addition to our senior staff, growing every year means we have had the opportunity to make new connections with professionals who believe in our philosophy as passionately as we do! All trained equally without fail to the highest industry standards of recognition – Hairstyling VTCT level 3, Beautician NVQ level 3, and completing our own accredited course in Bridal hair and make-up. Every additional member that joins us, is the potential to leave another Bride looking as beautiful as she has dreamt since she was a little girl.

It All Started With Angels

For the past 16 years we have never changed what we do – Provide the highest quality services, using the most effective methods and most trusted products available. The only thing we changed once was our name.

The Glamour Brides were once called “The Wedding Angels” dated back to 2002. We made many happy brides all over Kent, London and Essex but, as our audience grew through word of mouth and recommendations we realized we needed to expand our horizons. We only had one condition that was paramount to us before re-branding: To keep our work ethics and the quality we produced to the same consistency; No matter how many we became.

Since then, we have hand picked a team of talented, qualified and professional wedding Hair stylists and make-up artists that share our commitment and passion for working with Brides and those attending special occasions. We all possess a natural flare and style that differs us from one another – It’s why we like to have an informal consultation with our clients first so that we can decide on which of us has the most relevant flare and experience to meet the clients requirements.

Same Team, Same Quality

Our standards and procedures have never changed, they have evolved and grown in time to a very simple mantra that we strongly believe in and abide by: Quality, Care, Timely, Guaranteed & Happy.

  • We Only Use The Finest Products From Reputable Brands & Trusted Suppliers So You Are Always Treated With The Very Best

  • We Demonstrate Extra Care To Accommodate For Sensitivities, Allergies & Preferences (IE: Vegan & Hypoallergenic Products)

  • Our Services Allow For Plenty of Time So You Never Have to Feel Rushed – We Always Allow For More Rather Than Less

  • We’re All Fully Qualified & Insured Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Which Means That Only Reputable Professionals Are Looking After You Not Trainees

  • We Guarantee to Make You 100% Happy Through Our Services & Always Go The Extra Mile For You

Always improving

When the Glamour brides aren’t working we’re usually training or attending workshops, events and performing our CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses! It is essential for our team to go beyond simply being industry “standard & qualified” but to continue learning new techniques and discover innovative products as to always give up to date services to our clients. We’re always developing ourselves and spotting the latest trends and styles that are popular and adding them to our repertoire of styles and designs. We believe that our journey as suppliers to you is an ever growing path and we’re excited to keep developing ourselves.

Sophisticated Hair & Makeup

Our Vision

We are continuously expanding and are excited to be currently developing our own range of cosmetics, bridal jewellery and much more. We want to make every Bride and special occasion client alike looking radiant and glamorous – feeling as good as they look! We are continuously expanding and bringing our successful method beyond Kent, Essex and London – expanding our team whilst retaining our values so that clients from all over the United Kingdom can come to rely on us.

We want our clients to know that they will be looked after properly, never left feeling a better job could’ve been done or that the services they received weren’t justly priced or came with complications. Client value and care are at the core of our principles and we want the world to benefit from the good honest feeling that comes from operating ethically, professionally and without ever compromising results.


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