Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement – By signing this booking form or paying your deposit/final payment you knowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.

2. Booking & confirmation

2.1 We are unable to reserve any dates to supply our services without confirmation and payment of the initial payment sum. During our busy periods we may also reserve the right to impose a minimum party size where applicable. These terms apply to non-commercial bookings.

2.1 For commercial bookings such as photo shoots, corporate parties and editorial we require a confirmation by email with the completed booking form attached. Payment for commercial bookings is subject to being paid in full no later than 4 working days before the event.

3. Payment Terms

3.1 Any quote given by us is valid for a period of 7 days. After the 7 day expiry changes may incur in both fees and availability of services.

3.2 Our quoted fees do not include additional charges such as parking fees, congestion fees, toll fees, additional hair accessories etc… Any additional fees incurred will be added to the final payment.

3.3 For non commercial bookings the initial payment (Deposit) must be paid in order to secure your given date. This is a non refundable deposit. The “initial payment” is deducted from the “Final Payment”. The final remainder “Final Payment” is to be paid in full no later than 2 weeks in advance prior to the date of the event. Individual payments are not acceptable. If multiple payments need to be collected, it is the responsibility of the person making the making and whose name will appear on the first page of the “Contract for services” page. Cheques are accepted but must have cleared in advance at least 48 hours before your booking date for the “Final Payment”.

4. Cancellation Policy & Changes to services

4.1 All cancellations must be made in writing by either letter or email.

4.2 Should you cancel less than 90 days from your booking date, the final payment is still owed in full to Glamour Brides, an invoice will be issued accordingly.

4.3 Should the size of the party or, the amount of services required be reduced you are required to notify us as soon as possible and no later than 90 days before the booking date. If you do not inform us no later than 90 days before the booking you will still be charged for the services. This is to compensate for any losses incurred by us for reserving the date, staff and time.

4.4 Any increase to the size of the party or amount of services required is by negotiation only.

5. Schedule

5.1 A start and finish time will be communicated to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that all party members receiving our services are present at least 10 minutes in advance. If anyone is late we will endeavour to do our best but cannot guarantee we will be able to do their hair and makeup.

6. Hygiene & Disclosures

6.1 We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to clients with serious illnesses and conditions that may be contagious. It is your responsibility to disclose any relevant hygiene information when booking. It is your responsibility and that of anyone receiving our services to disclose any sensitivities or health conditions that may be affected by the application of products.

6.2 Glamour Brides requests that the hair and faces of all those receiving our services be washed and prepared before applying any products.

7. Travel fees

7.1 A standard travel fee of £0.50 per mile from Ashford, Kent is charged per artist/stylist as per standard. If you come to our Ashford based studio this charge is negated.

7.2 An overnight fee may be added to your booking should the location of your booking exceed 50 miles. This is established on a case basis and will be discussed in full at the time of your booking. Please enquire about this prior to booking.

8. Surcharges

8.1 A surcharge will apply for early starts prior to 9.00am and earlier and on bank holidays.

8.2 A “minimum persons” booking may be imposed for weddings taking place in between the months of May through to August and in December. If a “minimum persons” clause is not imposed, a surcharge may be added instead. This is as to adjust and compensate for any losses incurred during our busy months.

8.3 All clients are requested to wash, blow dry straighten their hair and wash their faces prior to receiving any services. If Glamour Brides has to do this for the party a surcharge will accordingly be applied to the “final payment”.

9. Unable to attend & Sickness

9.1 In the highly unlikely event that your artist/stylist is unable to attend your booking day, a replacement will be offered to you who will be briefed entirely on your look and what products you require for the day. A courtesy trial will also be offered should you require.

10. Photographs

10.1 Any pictures taken by the Glamour Brides are free to be used for marketing purposes on our website “https://www.glamour-brides.com”, in print and on social media. Should you object to this we kindly ask you to make us aware at the time of the booking.

10.2 Glamour Brides asks that their work be credited should they appear in any photographs from another photographer.

11. Price List

11.1 The price list may change at any time without notice.

12. Supplier Recommendations

12.1 Any supplier recommended by us are solely responsible for their own actions we will not hold any liability for the actions of a recommended supplier. We only recommend suppliers based on our own personal experiences with them and cannot guarantee the same experience between yourselves and them.

13. Terms and Conditions

13.1 We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time without notice. For an up to date file of all our terms and conditions please request them from us directly on our website at “www.glamour-brides.com”.

14. Privacy and Confidentiality

14.1 Your personal details will remain confidential and not be disclosed or shared with 3rd parties.

For full information on our privacy policy please visit: Our Privacy Policy